Big Moon Council

The next Council meeting is on Monday 11 August.
Not only will it be a full moon, it will also be a Big Moon (aka. Super Moon).
Full moons bring out some of the worst in people.
Statistically is not a good time to be doing sane things.
People go gar-gar.
I've seen some rather weird behaviour at Council meetings during a full moon.
Back to the Big Moon, according to an attached article ...

Super full moons occur each year. A super full moon or a 'perigree - syzgy of the Earth - Moon - Sun system' is when the moon is on its closest approach to the earth in a given orbit. The Earth, Moon and Sun are all in line with the Moon in its nearest approach to the Earth. The orbit of the moon around the Earth is elliptical, not circular and at some points it is closer to the Earth. The Moon completes its orbit of the Earth every 29 days and is at its closest at around 370,000km from Earth.

At the next Super Moon observed from Adelaide on 11 August 2014 at 3.40am, the moon appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a regular full moon. Just 59% of the Moon surface can be seen from Earth; the remaining 41% is called the 'far side'.

We may need to take the Super Moon into account at the Council meeting on 11 August. We may need to be more tolerant of people affected.

The next super moon will be on 28 Sep 2015.

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  1. From my observations, it will probably be a normal Council meeting for some of theCouncillors.

  2. Banjo, you may be correct.
    Council is meant to be reflective of the community.

  3. Statistically this is a bad time to be driving.
    There are more accidents during the full moon period.
    It is worse for the period a day either side of the Big Moon.

  4. I remember the big moon a couple of years back.
    2 members of my family had separate accidents on the same day.
    I will be staying at home on that day.

  5. Perhaps Council meetings should be scheduled to be out of synch with full moons.
    That might help to improve proceedings.
    If people go gar gar across the suburbs then the Councillors will be also be affected at Council.

    1. Trevor, I will give it some thought. There's merit in what you say. Maybe I'll add it to my election platform.
      All the Council meetings are scheduled for this year.
      The new Council will determine the dates of meetings in 2015.
      I must admit that at times when incidents arise at Council, I do check the phase of the moon.
      There is a correlation between behavioural issues and the phase of the moon.


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