Toxic Keswick

I was annoyed, very annoyed to learn that contaminated ground water had been found in Ashford, Keswick and Forestville.
The EPA is continuing to sample the water and soil vapours.
According to a press report, authorities have known about the contamination for years. If that is the case, then why the delay in alerting residents?
The State Government will hold community meetings with residents.
It is a sad legacy from heavy industrial pollution from past years.


  1. I'm more than annoyed.
    I'm %$#&^#@ annoyed.
    The land is being stuffed up for future generations.

  2. I would say that Karen responded mildly.
    Its a disgrace and I am sure that more pockets will emerge across Adelaide, perhaps even closer to the city.

  3. It really is a very sad legacy from the boom days of yesteryear!

  4. Hopefully the Government will hold these meetings with the residents soon.

  5. Really Bob it's enough to make your chillies shrivel. I think you can well and truly forget the exports to China.

  6. So, is the SA Govt really thinking and acting here? What is required? If it's a problem then why not a series of withdrawal wells and a series of reinjection wells. Take the water out, filter it through packed beds of adsorbent then reinject the cleaned water. Alternatively there are other filtration methods, depending on the contaminant. Aromatics can be filtered or adsorbed, heavy metals can be absorbed onto special sulphided materials and water can generally be treated before being reinjected.

    The process of cleaning and reinjecting will take many years before it is totally gone. The challenge is finding the edge of the plume and working from there.


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