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Black Forest and Goodwood pies have been declared amongst the short list of best pies in Adelaide by Simon 'The Pieman' Wilkinson and the 'Taste' team ... see the article in Taste, The Advertiser 09 July.

The Village Baker (in the Black Forest shopping centre) was the runner up ie. won the taste test for the 2nd best pie in Adelaide. Owner/chef Ben Sachse declares his braised lamb shank pie a 'big hit'. The price is $5.20.

Another must try is Ben's Portuguese custard tarts and later in the year his Christmas puddings.
Nearby in Goodwood, the Goodwood Bakehouse scored well with its steak and kidney pie priced at $4.60. The bakery has a reputation as a cake specialist.

The Village Baker is closer to my home and I buy bread there, to avoid the traffic and parking issues at Goodwood.

The Taste article came as no surprise.
Back on 02 February I blogged about the merit of the Villager Baker.
Here is a link to my earlier blog.
I was annoyed that judging of the best pie in Unley had overlooked this bakery on the western boundary. I declared this bakery the winner of the consumers' award for best pie in Unley. The Unley judges really do need to get out and about a bit more. Another favourite and it is really fantastic, is the fennel and pork sausage roll.

The Village Baker is also a cake specialist.
Trust me, they are good, damn good.
I recently bought a Black Forest birthday cake and it was superb, especially with sour cherries. It was the best ever.

So, in Goodwood there are the top 2 bakeries in Unley.
It doesn't always taste better on Unley Road or King William Road!
According to 'Taste', pies taste better in Goodwood and Black Forest.


  1. You've convinced me.
    I will pop in for a pie.

  2. I'm a regular and love the fennel and pork sausage rolls.

    1. The best way to judge a bakery is to try their sausage roll.
      If they can't do a decent sausage roll then the rest will be crap.
      You should be able to eat it without tomato sauce.
      What makes a good sausage roll is decent pastry and quality meat with a high pork content.

  3. You sound like a sausage roll judge.

    1. It's a community service that I provide ;)

  4. My fav pie at the Goodwood Bakehouse is the steak and kidney pie. Superb.
    And friendly staff.

    1. Yes, the steak and kidney pies at Goodwood are the best.


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