SALA on Show @ Unley

Unley is a huge supporter of SALA
and August heralds the month of the SALA Festival.

August in Adelaide is SALA month.
The City of Unley will again be supporting the SALA Festival.

There are 2 events.
The first is Where Business Meets Art
and that is everywhere across Unley.
It has been coordinated by Unley’s five Main Street Traders Associations and is designed to put art in our shops, cafes and businesses. 120 artists will participate and 40 businesses have committed to display the art.
If your local shop doesn't participate, then ask them why. Maybe they'll consider it next year.

The big event, the one I really like is
SALA on Show where everything on display is for sale.
This year it will return to Unley Road and be held in the Soldiers Memorial Garden and in the nearby Unley Shopping Centre carpark.
Be there on Sunday 24 August starting @ 10.30am to 5pm.
There will be 631 items for sale.
Take a leisurely time to browse what’s on offer.
It is estimated that in excess of 5,000 people will visit SALA on Unley Road.
It was a huge success last year.
The event on Unley Road was declared to be the best ever.

While you are in the area, browse in the nearby shops and businesses.


  1. What's this I hear about monkeys being in the marquee?

  2. No monkeys will be in the marquee.
    I understand there was some reference to monkeys made at the recent Council meeting.

  3. Last year this event was fantastic.
    It was crowded, bit it worked in the supermarket carpark.
    Loved those crazy traffic cops.

  4. Yes, I'll be back this year.
    It is definitely a better place to hold it.
    It was getting a bit stale on King William Road.


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