Old Codger

Last night I visited an old friend, an old codger who lives nearby.

Before continuing with the story, I think the term old codger is a wonderful Australian term for an older man. I won’t get into comparing dictionary definitions, but in my mind, old and codger must go together. You simply don’t say that he is a codger. He must be an old codger. Yeah, the dictionaries disagree, but I dispute their comprehension. This leads me to wonder why there are no young codgers. Codgers simply appear as old codgers. Also, I am curious that there is no female equivalent of an old codger.

Back to the story ...
Last night I visited an old friend, Peter, an old codger who lives nearby.
He is in his 90s and is always up for a visit.
I take a bottle of brandy – St. Agnes VSOP.
Actually I take a bottle of brandy every second visit.
Peter likes to natter and is curious about what’s happening in the community and on Council. In the past he was heavily involved in local volunteer work.
The reality is that he does most of the talking and the subjects start drifting back 10-20-30+ years ago.

Later in the night it’s supper time.
It’s a quaint time from yester-year, something that has generally ceased these days.
You have friends around in the evening and then have supper. It used to be slices of tomato, cheese, gherkins, pickled onions (or those cute red cherry ‘onions’) on Jatz or Salada dry crisp biscuits. Perhaps even fish or smoked oysters from a can or sliced hard-boiled egg on biscuits.
If you remember any of this then you’re probably getting a bit old.

Back at Peter’s, it’s late in the night and it’s supper time.
Peter’s specialty is a jar of Harry’s pickled crab meat on hot buttered toast.
Absolutely fantastic and without a lot of fuss!

After a final look at the brandy bottle, it’s time to say goodnight.
We are richer for the company and exchange of views.

I hope that one day, one distant day when I am called an old codger, that some young-un will come and visit me and bring a bottle of brandy.
I’ll have a jar of Harry’s pickled crab meat waiting in the fridge.


  1. A lovely story.
    I think it is your best ever!
    I connected because it made me think of my elderly father.
    When he has a mate around, he arranges a supper which consists of sardines from a can on hot white toast.

  2. Old Codger - it's a beautiful term.
    And no, I can't think of a female equivalent.

  3. it is a term that should be used more often.

  4. makes me want to go out and buy a jar of crab meat for next time i get the late night munchies

  5. also reminds me of my Dad and his mid evening supper.
    He's also now an Old Codger.

  6. Such a nice story.
    Reminds me of a dear old Uncle. He's an Old Codger.
    Always has been.


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