Tax time sale

It's amazing how the retailers like Harvey Norman and Dick Smith exploit the end of financial year with sales labelled as End of Year (save on your) Tax Specials.
This is prevalent in the sale of tools, gadgets and electronic goods.
These are goods that we really don't need and yet we rush out to buy them if the price is right.
A few items may be eligible (to some) as a tax deduction eg. phones, printers, PCs and tablets.
But, the sale is across all items, especially the big ticket items like TVs, fridges, coffee machines, etc.

The average person wouldn't have any hope of claiming a tax deduction.

We get seduced by the advertising believing that the deal is good with the bonus of a tax deduction.
That said, there are very good deals to be had up to 30 June.
But, be cautious as there is a lot of old stock that will be moved.
Retailers want to clear stock now to get in new stock for the lead up to Christmas.

By the way, come Christmas time, the prices will be about the same for the next model gadget.


  1. Agree. So easy to get sucked in and buy stuff we don't need.

  2. That's the purpose of advertising - to suck you in and buy what you don't need.


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