REPLAS way to go

Plastic waste is part of our society.

There is a needless amount (especially from households) still going to landfill and not being recycled. Education programs (especially with our kids at school) are slowly working.
But, there will always be plastic waste.
We just need to maximise the diversion of that waste to recycling.
REPLAS is an Australian firm that has excelled in converting plastic waste to plastic products that are innovative and durable, often used in marine environments.
REPLAS has partnered with companies like Coles and Dulux to manage (ie. re-use) their plastic waste. Also, Coles has drop off bins outside their stores where shoppers can deposit plastic bags from home.

I will be challenging Council to embrace plastic products instead of steel, wood and concrete eg. bollards, walkways, benches, posts, garden furniture, ... the list is extensive.

Check out the REPLAS website here
and don't forget to drop off plastic bags at Coles weekly.
If your supermarket is not in the scheme, then suggest it to their management.


  1. Yes, we must do what we can to reduce the plastic waste and use the plastic products.
    The Replas brochure shows so many excellent examples.


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