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I have discovered a fantastic green-botanical-climatic online reference with excellent tools for researching:
  • Life support for human habitats
  • Carbon storage protocols
  • Climate change
  • Tree coverage over car parks
  • Urban Heat Island effects
  • and the list goes on and on ...
There is an excellent plant selector tool to help you determine what tree will grow where.
Just enter your postcode. I entered 5035 and got 491 trees recommended.
On the top of the list was the Raspberry Jam Wattle tree.

Block out some time and check out this site. There is so much to discover.

Here are further details with the links ...

Looking to a greener future with new online tools

Two free online tools are now available from the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide to provide greater understanding of green space and its importance in urban environments.
The Green Infrastructure Evidence Base and Plant Selector+ are resources that will help us grow healthier, greener, cleaner and cooler towns and cities. The two tools complement each other to provide a comprehensive resource for the whole community.
The GreenInfrastructure Evidence Base brings together research, information and resources about why we need to incorporate nature into our urban environments.
PlantSelector+ is an extensive, searchable database of native and exotic plants suited to urban South Australian environments, from groundcovers through to tall trees. The selector enables you to find the most suitable plants for your local area by entering your postcode or suburb.
Find the Green Infrastructure Evidence Base and Plant Selector+ on the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide website.

The Green Infrastructure Project is a partnership between the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges, Renewal SA, and the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide. Development of Plant Selector+ has been assisted by the Local Government Research and Development Scheme and SA Water.


  1. Roger DereuterFriday, June 20, 2014

    A very good website.
    Excellent tools for research, especially the plant selector.
    It would have to be the best Government website I've seen.

  2. I agree the site is excellent.
    So much reference material available.
    I wasn't aware of the carbon storage protocols.
    And the plant selector is just incredible.

  3. I had never heard of the Raspberry Jam Wattle tree.
    I presume that the wattle just looks like raspberries and you can't actually make jam from it.
    I will Google it.

    1. No, you can't make jam from this tree.
      Well, you could, but it would taste a bit wattley, be very runny and no-one would eat it.

  4. luv the native daisies pic

  5. I've just discovered the name of small native plant in my garden.
    Good reference material.

  6. Best website I've seen for researching what to plant in the garden.

  7. Fantastic site. Like the plant selector tool.

  8. Thanks for advertising this website.
    Great and heaps of information.


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