Flu Tracking survey

Each year I get a flu shot, just in case.
It won’t stop the man colds, but it will probably save you from the life threatening big one.
It’s your choice, but it does make sense.
For the past few years I have participated in an online FluTracking survey.
I get a weekly email asking if I have had a cough or a fever.
The survey only takes 10 seconds to complete.
Consider subscribing and assist with the monitoring of influenza.
Here is a link.

More information from the website …
FluTracking is an online health surveillance system to detect epidemics of influenza. We are looking for people who live in Australia and have easy access to email on a weekly basis. It doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated.
It takes only 10 - 15 seconds each week. We ask if you have had fever or cough in the last week. This will help us find ways to detect both seasonal influenza and hopefully pandemic influenza and other diseases so we can better protect the community from epidemics.
You will receive weekly information on influenza-like activity in the region based on our analysis of the data. Participation is voluntary and your information will be kept confidential. See our WeeklyInfluenza Map and Last Week's Report.


  1. I've joined the survey.
    The map looks really useful
    eg. based on the latest figures, don't visit West Lakes at the moment - rather infectious down that way

  2. I have also joined up.
    and yes, the map of last week's infections is interesting.
    I'll be staying away from the red areas.


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