Which Cloud to use?

We keep hearing about storage of data in the cloud.
There is a lot of confusion about the best deal and security issues.
If you use an Android should you use the Google product and if you have an Apple device should you use iCloud … and, can you access the cloud data from a PC?

Below is a link to an excellent article to help you decide.
It also lists what services are free up to a certain limit.

Some highlights …

·  Amazon Cloud Drive (FREE 5GB)
·  iCloud (FREE 5GB)
·  Box (FREE 10GB)
·  DropBox (FREE 2GB)
·  Google Drive (FREE 15GB)
·  Microsoft OneDrive (FREE 7GB)

See more details via this link.


  1. I am quiete new to computer but am eager to know if data be stored on clear day as well as cloudy. A friend of me pointed out you're blog and I am think you must be a very smart person.

  2. Yes, pick a clear day or at least when you have a clear mind.
    Going into the Cloud can be a bit fuzzy.
    I will probably use a combination of Apple iCloud and Google Drive.
    Don't make the decision during a full moon.

  3. this is a fuzzy subject at the best of times, despite the weather

    1. yes, very cloudy.
      the article was useful

  4. I thought it was quite good - very useful.
    Now I'm deciding which service to use.

  5. The article was good.
    Helped me better understand the cloud offerings.
    Maybe I'll be brave enough to enter the cloud soon.

  6. Thanks Bob - that was useful.
    I had my head in the sand about what to do in the Cloud.

  7. Google Drive seems the best cost wise.
    But will an iPad connect to it?

  8. Rather timely. I've been thinking about storing my data in the Cloud.

  9. Halo itts me again. What happens with data when it rains.Is data safe.You have helped befor

  10. You must not worry about the rain when you are in the cloud.
    Technically, when you are in the cloud you don't get wet from the rain.
    It never rains in the cloud.
    You only get wet from rain when outside the cloud.
    Rain comes from the cloud.


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