Adopt your street lights

I have noticed that a lot of street lights are dull and don't give much light at night.
I would say that the majority need replacing.
Stand on the road and ensure that they cast a strong shadow (of you).

It is important that residents take ownership for getting light bulbs replaced.

The street lights are maintained by SA Power Networks (formerly ETSA).
It's easy: either ring 131366 or preferably go online via this link.
Online you can select the light location and mark a fault.
Tip: there is no option for a dull light so select 'The light is off at night'.
Turn-around seems to be 1-3 days.
If you provide a mobile number then you will get an sms when the light has been fixed.

I encourage you to adopt the street lights near you and ensure that they throw a strong light.

If trees block the light then phone Unley Council on 8373 5111 to arrange pruning.


  1. must agree. I have noticed some street lights are hardly bright at all.
    a good call reminding people to adopt the nearby street lights and report them when they lose their shine.

  2. I've adopted the 2 lights near me.
    One is dull and I have gone online to report a fault.
    A great website and easy to use.


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