$100 ransom by Oleg Pliss

Some Apple iPhone and iPad owners recently found themselves locked-out of their devices and were held to ransom (for $100) by a hacker called Oleg Pliss. It seems that the Australian Apple iCloud was hacked and accounts were compromised by linking known passwords with account names.
The following link provides more details and offers advice of what to do if you get hit.
A proactive step you should take now is to change your password and not use the same password for multiple accounts.
According to an expert ... most users use the same passwords for multiple sites and services, passwords attained from other sources were likely used to gain access to iCloud

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  1. i wish they'd catch a few more hackers and lock them up as a deterrent to others.
    I had heard of Oleg Pliss. Supposedly there is a huge bounty on catching him.
    Taking $100 from every Apple user in ransom would amass him/her a fortune.

  2. I detest these hackers.
    The authorities must get tough.


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