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Carnevale Coffee

The Carnevale Coffee Cafe on East Avenue, Clarence Park is hugely popular and the coffee is pretty good. I've noticed that passing Police patrols regularly stop for a beverage - that's a good sign. They roast and blend beans for purchase. After 2 years of research they have developed a green pod which contains no chemicals, pesticides, enhancers or artificial flavours - it makes you wonder exactly what is in the other commercial coffee pods. These new green pods fit Nespresso machines - a good marketing ploy. Carnevale owners, masterminds Chris Hoskin and Paolo Scidone, have developed 4 single varieties from Ethiopia, Indonesia, East Timor and Mexico. I prefer the Ethiopian. A great effort! If you want a big breakfast and excellent coffee (especially on the weekend) then pop it.

Bogan Bingo

The Goodwood Community Centre is the most popular quiz and bingo venue in Unley. It's a good location and has heaps of parking. If you're a natural bogan or want to be one for the night, then slip on the ugg boots and Holden jacket and step out ... Here is information about a charity bogan themed bingo  night on Friday 04 July . Daw House Hospice Foundation is constantly fundraising with events and raffles, but this is about having some fun. Bogan Bingo lets everyone be completely silly and go overboard with dressing up just for the fun of it. The evening will be full of gags, gifts and maybe even some glitter... Whatever happens, it is sure to be a lot of fun and truly entertaining. Prize for best dressed Bogan! When:  Friday 4th July . Doors open  6.30pm  for eyes down  7.00pm Where: Goodwood Community Centre.  32 - 34 Rosa St . Goodwood (behind the Library) BYO food, drinks available. No tickets at door, pre-sale only. $25 from  08 8275 1142  

'Final' U-turn design @Wayville

Greenhill Road Median Safety Improvements Project Following the ‘recent’ workshops with residents, the Transport Department (DPTI) has released a document that outlines key issues and suggestions raised – and provides responses from the DPTI project team. DPTI will be letterboxing this document to residents over the coming days. Below is a copy of the document. I have presented Wayville first followed by the other affected areas East on Greenhill Road. King William Road to Goodwood Road - Greenhill Road Working Session 3: Wednesday 14 May 2014 Workshop 3 was attended by 20 local stakeholders, including one Elected Member of Council (Bob Schnell) and one community organisation representative. Three apologies were received following mail out of the invitation to attend this Workshop. Stakeholder Comments 58. Significant support for this concept – with consideration of reducing conflict points / some right turn movements. 59. Latvian Hall (Clark Street) regula

Tax time sale

It's amazing how the retailers like Harvey Norman and Dick Smith exploit the end of financial year with sales labelled as End of Year (save on your) Tax Specials . This is prevalent in the sale of tools, gadgets and electronic goods. These are goods that we really don't need and yet we rush out to buy them if the price is right. A few items may be eligible (to some) as a tax deduction eg. phones, printers, PCs and tablets. But, the sale is across all items, especially the big ticket items like TVs, fridges, coffee machines, etc. The average person wouldn't have any hope of claiming a tax deduction. We get seduced by the advertising believing that the deal is good with the bonus of a tax deduction. That said, there are very good deals to be had up to 30 June. But, be cautious as there is a lot of old stock that will be moved. Retailers want to clear stock now to get in new stock for the lead up to Christmas. By the way, come Christmas time, the prices will be ab

Yak Butter Coffee

A friend sent me a link to the latest 10 memorable Australian food trends. It seems that I have not been keeping up with the trendy ones at the head of the queue. I am a simple person and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. One of those pleasures is a strong European style short black coffee aka. espresso. Some days I opt for a short macchiato (an espresso with a thin layer of rich frothy milk). Then along comes information about what’s new and trendy. One of the latest trends is to use butter instead of milk in coffee. I write blog this before I try it, and yes I will try it. Knowing little about Tibetan food, it does sound rather Tibetan in style; they would use yak butter. The question is, should I use salted or unsalted butter? For a review of the latest food trends, visit the Australia Food Blog via   this link. Following my query about whether or not to use unsalted butter, my friend has sent me another link that expands on this topic. The recommendat

REPLAS way to go

Plastic waste is part of our society. There is a needless amount (especially from households) still going to landfill and not being recycled. Education programs (especially with our kids at school) are slowly working. But, there will always be plastic waste. We just need to maximise the diversion of that waste to recycling. REPLAS is an Australian firm that has excelled in converting plastic waste to plastic products that are innovative and durable, often used in marine environments. REPLAS has partnered with companies like Coles and Dulux to manage (ie. re-use) their plastic waste. Also, Coles has drop off bins outside their stores where shoppers can deposit plastic bags from home. I will be challenging Council to embrace plastic products instead of steel, wood and concrete eg. bollards, walkways, benches, posts, garden furniture, ... the list is extensive. Check out the REPLAS website  here and don't forget to drop off plastic bags at Coles weekly. I

World Games Quiz

There is a Quiz Night fund raiser to assist the Police and Fire men and women attend the next World Police & Fire Games in Fairfax, Virginia (USA). It is a good cause, so book a table. Details: When: Saturday 09 August 2014, starts at 7pm Where: Goodwood Community Centre (32 Rosa Terrace, Goodwood), behind the Goodwood Library Cost: $15 per person Tables of 8-10 are available BYO nibbles and soft drink Beer & wine are available over the bar It will be a fun night. For bookings, contact Tracy mobile  0403 186 515 or email

Human habitats

I have discovered a fantastic green-botanical-climatic online reference with excellent tools for researching: Life support for human habitats Carbon storage protocols Climate change Tree coverage over car parks Urban Heat Island effects and the list goes on and on ... There is an excellent plant selector tool to help you determine what tree will grow where. Just enter your postcode. I entered 5035 and got 491 trees recommended. On the top of the list was the Raspberry Jam Wattle tree. Block out some time and check out this site. There is so much to discover. Here are further details with the links ... Looking to a greener future with new online tools Two free online tools are now available from the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide to provide greater understanding of green space and its importance in urban environments. The Green Infrastructure Evidence Base and Plant Selector+ are resources that will help us grow healthier, greener, cleaner and cooler tow

River Murray by bike

Each year, Bike SA recruits a group of 200 people (mad keen cyclists) to visit some beautiful regions by bike. This year the 9 day bike trip will visit the Murraylands (aka. the Riverland). If you are a bike enthusiast and have a hardened bum, then you should consider it. Dates:  20 to 28 September 2014 Details: 9 day road tour along the Murray River and Riverlands by bike It may be tough on the bike for 9 days (although it is described as leisurely), however the evenings are a gourmets delight with fine local food and wines. For more details, visit this link.

Which Cloud to use?

We keep hearing about storage of data in the cloud. There is a lot of confusion about the best deal and security issues. If you use an Android should you use the Google product and if you have an Apple device should you use iCloud … and, can you access the cloud data from a PC? Below is a link to an excellent article to help you decide. It also lists what services are free up to a certain limit. Some highlights … ·   Amazon Cloud Drive (FREE 5GB) ·   iCloud (FREE 5GB) ·   Box (FREE 10GB) ·   DropBox (FREE 2GB) ·   Google Drive (FREE 15GB) ·   Microsoft OneDrive (FREE 7GB) See more details via this link.

Leah Street greening

For some time I have been pushing to have the land adjacent to the junction of Leah Street, Forestville and the tram-line landscaped and made more attractive. Work has started. A small paved access path (with bollards) will enable the required access to railway service vehicles. The surrounds will have rocks and native vegetation. There will also be a single tree. Unfortunately more trees can't be planted due to the overhead electric cables :( This work is part of the revegetation project that will landscape the tram-line from King William Road to South Road. It's a long slow project with a budget of $150k over 3 years.

Whisky or Compost?

I have heard of many different types of masterclasses, mostly relating to food, cheese, wine, whisky etc. Here is a masterclass for composting – and only $150 for 3 hours! That’s a lot of money for 3 hours composting. I’d prefer a masterclass on cheese or whisky – at least then you get a slab of cheese of a half bottle of whisky to take home. The following information was sourced from the State Government Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) ... Declare war on waste at composting masterclass Learn how to create your own natural fertiliser with the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide at the Composting: Converting Waste to Fertiliser Naturally masterclass. The masterclass will be taught by Australia’s compost guru Tim Williams.  The three hour masterclass will cover: ·          the benefits of composting including soil improvement, plant health, community waste management and carbon sequestration ·          processes including aerobic/thermophilic

Nominate an Australian of the Year

If you know or have heard of a great Aussie who deserves a gong, then consider making a nomination for the Australian of the Year. The person doesn’t have to be well known, doesn’t have to be a household name – just a person who deserves recognition for having made a contribution in the community or in a particular field. Someone who stands out and has made an impact. The following release is from Matt Miles , Executive Officer , Australia Day Council of South Australia Nominations are now open for the Australian of the Year Awards, one of the pre-eminent recognition programs in the country. Over 128 remarkable Australians across 4 categories (Australian of the Year, Senior Australian of the Year, Young Australian of the Year and Australia’s Local Hero) will be recognised across every State and Territory. In South Australia 16 outstanding people will be recognised at a ceremony to be held at Adelaide Oval on 12 November 2014 with 4 of these people heading to Canberra on

Torrens bridge lights-up

This Saturday, you must get down to the River Torrens in the afternoon to join the fun and festivities in the lead-up to the launch of the lights on the foot-bridge and the rainbow coloured water feature. Here is an extract from a Government website with more information. You are invited to attend the unveiling of the water features and lighting of the Riverbank Pedestrian Bridge by the Premier of South Australia. On Saturday 14 June 2014, the Riverbank Entertainment Precinct will be alive with activities for the whole family. Come along to the Blue Hive, located on the Riverbank Promenade, from 3pm and experience children’s games, market stalls,  entertainment, food and Adelaide’s newest pop up bar before you head off to the Cabaret Festival or to watch the Adelaide Crows take on the North Melbourne Kangaroos at the Adelaide Oval. The Blue Hive is also the perfect place to take in the unveiling of the water features and lighting of the Riverbank Pedestrian Bridge whic

Free Public Transport

I’m not used to driving in peak hour traffic in Adelaide. Today I had to venture out. My route took me: South on South Road East on Cross Road North on Goodwood Road (city bound). On Goodwood Road there was no obstruction to traffic and yet the traffic crawled along. Many stop/starts, mostly stopped. When I was moving, my maximum speed was 15kph. It took 15-20 minutes to travel from Cross Road to Leader Street (where I exited the chaos). Is it like that every day? How can people bear it? Why do it day after day? People should be catching public transport to get there sooner and to save money. The Government should be campaigning (more) to get more bums on seats on trains, buses and trams. I stand by my belief that public transport should be 100% free. (Yes, I know that it will come from our taxes.) It should be a free and highly effective service. Free public transport would significantly reduce the outer metro gridlock on Goodwood Road (and King William

Flu Tracking survey

Each year I get a flu shot, just in case. It won’t stop the man colds, but it will probably save you from the life threatening big one. It’s your choice, but it does make sense. For the past few years I have participated in an online FluTracking survey. I get a weekly email asking if I have had a cough or a fever. The survey only takes 10 seconds to complete. Consider subscribing and assist with the monitoring of influenza. Here is  a link. More information from the website … FluTracking is an online health surveillance system to detect epidemics of influenza. We are looking for people who live in Australia and have easy access to email on a weekly basis. It doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. It takes only 10 - 15 seconds each week. We ask if you have had fever or cough in the last week. This will help us find ways to detect both seasonal influenza and hopefully pandemic influenza and other diseases so we can better protect the community from epidemic

Greenhill Road Median update

I've just received an email from the community engagement officer at the State Government Transport Department. It was an update about the Greenhill Road Median Safety Improvements Project. The project team is reviewing the feedback received and further discussions will be held with Councils and other stakeholders (whomever they may be). A summary of the working group sessions and responses from the project team will be released to the residents in a few weeks. Given the session I attended with the Wayville residents, I am confident that the final design will be accepted by the residents. I hope so!

Bake a winner

It’s that time of the year for home cooks to consider entering the annual Royal Show judging competition. It may be a favourite sauce, chutney, biscuits, cake, pudding or sewing, embroidery etc. The cost of entering the baking competition is only $5. But be prepared for a harsh critic. The judges have been at it for years and they will show you no mercy. We are assured that the winners are picked absolutely on merit. I am considering entering my Harissa made with home grown chillies. Give it some thought. If you reckon your biscuits are the best in the street, then enter the competition and see what the judges think. For more information go to  the Showground website .