That wink

Much has been said about that wink by PM Tony Abbott during a radio interview.
I’m not going to enter the debate about whether or not it was appropriate.

Perhaps the concern (mostly by political opponents) stems from the decline of the wink in today’s society. It is now misunderstood. People don’t seem to wink as much these days. Our kids haven’t mastered the art and don’t comprehend the power of its communication.

The wink can convey so much in a mere flash in time.
At Unley Council, during meetings, a couple of people occasionally wink at me. It’s appreciated, it’s personal and I understand what is meant. It’s harmless and just a form of communication.

We need to bring back the wink. It’s an art form in discreet non-verbal communication. It’s personal and not meant for mass media distribution.

In the case in question, why bother having TV cameras intrude on radio interviews? Just have a photo and the sound feed. I’ve seen many people being interviewed on radio and they exhibit rather strange mannerisms that they would not do during a TV interview.

I say, bring back the wink.
Start practising – it will take a while to get just right, to make it personal.
Personally – I’m a left eye winker.


  1. luv the story Bob.
    I'm an old winker, always have been.
    A wink can take you so far. It used to be just about sex, but you can make it what you want.

  2. I just love getting a wink.
    It's a nice touch.
    Leaving me feeling good.
    Even a wink from a stranger is not offensive - you take it or leave it. I respond with a smile.

  3. I'm a winker.
    My Dad was a winker.
    It's an easy an uncomplicated way to communicate.
    and the girls love it - I met my wife with a wink over drinks.

  4. I feel very special when a woman winks at me.
    It's less common for a woman to wink, but when it happens, wow!

  5. That wink media frenzy was much a do about nothing.
    I love a wink.


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