Super Saturday

An interesting story in the The Advertiser today about the plight of the Liberals since the defection of Martin Hamilton-Smith.
According to the authoritative 'Tiser, the Libs have 2 options.
1) Use a broom and sweep out some of the deadwood and have a super Saturday with say 6 by-elections in safe seats or
2) Reshuffle the front bench dumping many and replace them with the rookie MPs.

It was suggested that the defection is in fact revitalising the party.
An under-statement. They simply have to do something.
I believe that radical action is required to give the Liberal party drive and focus on policy development. There is no overnight quick fix - it will take years.

My preference is for a Government (Labor or Liberal) with numerous independents to help balance the influence of party politics. Ideally a Government would be richer if there were more independents. There would be be no more party factional bickering.

My forecast is that it will take a few months for anger over Hamilton-Smith to subside. The public will start to acknowledge the stability of the new look (slightly more conservative) Government. The Liberals would be unwise to continue their attacks on Hamilton-Smith. They need to urgently perform party surgery.

A further forecast ... there won't be a super Saturday. Perhaps 2 by-elections, but nothing like that envisaged by the 'Tiser.


  1. I agree that the Liberal party needs a major overhaul - now.
    It would be a good idea to flush out the long term dead wood, now.
    It must be done to make Libs a credible opposition.
    More independents in Government? Yes.

  2. Both parties would benefit from flushing the non performers.

  3. It's sad that so soon after the election where it was a line ball call, the Liberals have so lost their way and their fight. The attacks on Martin Hamilton-Smith must cease and they need internal bloodletting to get back on track and become a credible opposition. Every Government must be held to account by a strong opposition.

  4. Maybe it is time for both parties to have by-elections and flush out some MPs.
    The Liberals have to, but I doubt that Labor would be brave enough, even in safe seats.
    I would welcome more Liberal front bench MPs joining the Government's ministry.


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