Long freight train

Last night on Leader Street, Forestville  I got caught by the railway crossing lights.

I waited and waited and eventually along came a slow moving freight train pulled by 5 diesel engines.
All of the wagons were huge - looked like grain cargo.
I could have walked faster than the train.
By the time the engines got to Anzac Highway it stopped with the lights still down at Leader and Victoria Streets and the train was probably also crossing Goodwood Road.
All the other cars did the usual u-turns and probably headed off to Anzac Highway.
I sat in the car and waited.
Every wagon was graffitied, some quite artistic. There were some naughty words - words that are becoming less naughty these days.
I waited and waited with my engine off and parking lights on.
The ding dongs drowned out the car radio.
Eventually the train got moving heading off to cause grief in another suburb.
This train was huge. I was imagining the impact when the trains get 30% longer and carrying bigger wagons.
I was delayed on Leader Street by ~ 20 minutes.
I was considering the impact on residents who live along the railway corridor.
It must be sheer hell. They tell me there are 12-20 freight trains each day.
These trains should be diverted at Murray Bridge and bypass Adelaide.
It's all about funding - or lack of it.
I doubt that in this political climate a decision will be made to make it happen.
The rebuilding of South Road will get a higher priority.
I argue that the Governments should be planning on the bypass now so that funding can be pursued in the future.