High rise re-zoning across Unley

You should be aware that Unley Council has prepared a Residential DPA that identifies areas where high-rise development will be allowed. It is out for public consultation at the moment.
You are encouraged to provide feedback.
You must respond if you object!

Here is a link to more information and to have your say to Council ... http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/residential-dpa

A late update (on 16-May):
Due to an administrative error, 500 houses missed out on receiving a letter from Council.
They have been posted and you should have received them by now - if you live adjacent to an area proposed to be re-zoned.

A local resident in Everard Park is informing neighbours and encouraging them to provide a submission to Council. Here is an extract from his letter ...

Are you aware that Unley Council is proposing to change the zoning around our streets to allow for high-rise flat development up to 4 stories high?

The attached maps show the proposed changes in our area.

You could have flats like those on Leader Street (at the railway crossing) over your back fence!

There is widespread local concern throughout Everard Park, Forestville and Black Forest about this proposed rezoning.

I have prepared a personal submission opposing this rezoning which I will be sending to Council. I have attached a copy of this for your information.

I have been working with our Local Councillor Bob Schnell in distributing this information. 

If you are concerned about this proposed rezoning then you should make a submission to Council yourself. You are more than welcome to use the attached submission as your own submission to Council. You can add your own comments or modify it to express your views.

If you want an electronic version I can make one available.

It needs to be with Council by 22 May.

You’re also encouraged to attend a public meeting on 16 June. If you wish, you can speak at the meeting, but you need to let Council know beforehand, which you can do on the attached submission.

If you are happy with Council’s proposal for 4-story development then there is no need to do anything.

Kind Regards ...


  1. Four storeys right behind houses. It must be opposed.
    I received no notification about this.

  2. I also received no notification.

  3. I also didn't get a letter from Council.
    Had to fight my way through the YourSay on the Council website to find information relevant to my street.


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