Harissa export to China

I'm pretty chuffed at the moment.

Every year I make Harissa from home grown chillies.
It's just half a dozen jars for personal use and a few smaller jars for some special friends.
(Don't be offended if you didn't get one.)
When I've made a batch I tend to give away the older stock (from the previous year).
Well ... I gave 2 jars to a Chinese woman at work - we swap a lot of adventurous food stuff.
She was heading off to Hong Kong to visit her father and she packed the jars.
I've just heard that her family were impressed by the Aussie Harissa.
So much so, that her brother took a jar with him on a business trip to mainland China - probably to woo some clients.

I can now say that my Harissa has been exported to Hong Kong and China.

Maybe, just maybe, a sales rep from China will come knocking on my door wanting 5 tonnes of the stuff by next week.


  1. The Chinese will probably just want the recipe.
    Negotiate hard Bob.

  2. This could be your big break Bob.

  3. Will you be sharing your recipe for Harissa?

  4. Yes, but only if there is no deal with the Chinese.

  5. Bob if you hear a knock on the door it would probably be the Chinese Customs officials wanting to know if you had a permit to send foodstuffs into Hong Kong.

  6. I did not knowingly export food to China.
    A Chinese friend used her initiative and took a gift to her family.
    Besides, Aussie food products are clean.


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