Free shredding at your home

Today the Mayor Lachlan Clyne tweeted that if re-elected he would provide free shredding of confidential documents for the elderly. All they have to do is trek into Council with their papers.

I am upping the ante.
If I am re-elected I will consider providing a personal shredding service at your home for elderly residents of Goodwood Ward  ie. I will bring a shredding machine to your home.
This will be a personal service and not one provided by Council which would impact on the rates.

Cr Mike Hudson has blogged on this subject. Follow this link

Here is the news feed about the Mayor's tweet ...

LACHLAN Clyne, the Mayor of Unley in inner Adelaide, appears to have hit on a pretty drastic solution to the problems of an ageing demographic, tweeting: "Secure Shredding Service for Unley's Retirees." Following the link provided didn't lead to instantaneous peace of mind: "If returned as Mayor of Unley, I would seek the support of council and administration to instigate a secure shredding service for rate-paying retirees." Which seems a touch ungrateful.


  1. A brave promise Bob.
    I'll be booking you in for a home visit.

  2. My Mum could have used your services last month.
    She had a heap of confidential documents that needed to be destroyed.

  3. Good on you Bob. What a great idea! I am manager of the Volunteer Event Team at Eldercare and we have about 100 " oldies" here that are in desperate need of having their confidential documents shredded. They will love you forever. Good luck in the elections.
    Bob Downe, VET, Eldercare The Lodge

  4. Wow Bob you will be a "shoe in" to win the Council Elections if you are willing to openly donate your time to an old age home. Well done!


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