Cat control in Unley

Unley Councillor Mike Hudson (of Parkside) certainly has bravery for treading where others often dare venture.
At times we share sentiments, but on many occasions I leave him to walk ahead through the mine field.

He must be commended for his brave stance on cats and proposed restrictions on keeping them in Unley.
It took page one of the local Eastern Courier Messenger this week.

The reality is that his comments were not as controversial as I was expecting.
In fact, Mike Hudson was a bit of a pussy cat when it came down to what controls should be introduced.

It is unlikely that this issue will now be raised (by him) at Unley Council.

What are your thoughts?
Should Unley introduce cat controls?

I say, no. Leave it as is. There are very few complaints about cats.
Besides, it is a difficult and very costly matter to deal with.


  1. Why do they always have it in for cats?
    My cat is kept inside and doesn't stray.
    Yes, I know some people couldn't care and their cats are a nuisance.

  2. My pussy Snooze does not need any regulation.
    He has a privileged life inside.

  3. Is there really a cat problem in Unley?
    Years ago there were often dead cats on the road. Now you don't see any.
    Why would Mike Hudson pursue this?
    One moment he is talking about wombats (in Unley?) and now he is pursuing cats.
    Leave my Tommy alone.

  4. The biggest casualty from cats is inflicted on lizards and birds.
    Cats should be required to wear a bell on a collar to reduce the success of stalking prey.

  5. Yes, cats must wear a bell.

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