Slow count of SA votes

There is immense frustration in the community at the slowness of the count of ballot papers for the recent State Election. It seems that we won’t know who will govern this State for another week. A creative thought by a colleague was that perhaps next time we could outsource the count and tally to India and get a result overnight. We could also probably direct the type of result required; that would overcome the political and media beat-ups as to why one party gets a majority of the vote and yet doesn’t get enough seats to govern.
Today I read an excellent article on an assessment of the count situation by South Australian Electoral Commissioner Kay Mousley. I can now understand her predicament. Here’s a link to that story on How to speed up the count.
As to the tongue in cheek comment about outsourcing the count to India …
No way! Our system may be slow and inefficient, but it is honest and works and will eventually churn out a result in a prescribed manner.
I wish Ms Mousley all the best in getting her proposed legislative changes through Parliament.
Step 1: Create a Parliament
Step 2: …


  1. It's an Aussie tradition to sometimes have a delay in getting a result.
    I can wait until this weekend.

  2. Isn't it nice having this quiet period with all politicians keeping their mouths shut.

  3. I am annoyed at how long the count is taking.
    By now we should know who will be forming a government.

  4. In a way it is rather exciting.
    Like rolling a dice to see what number gets up,

  5. I agree. The silence is bliss.

  6. The votes should have been counted by now.
    I can't see why it has taken to week with only an indication of what the result will be.

  7. I'm loving it, the peace and no political squabbling. All of the Pollies are holding their tongues just in case it might upset the apple cart and the negotiations with the Independents.

  8. If we don't have a result within days then the system is broken.

  9. Another week of peace and quiet would be nice.
    The Government in caretaker mode is running the State nicely.

  10. It looks like it will be an interesting outcome.
    A minority government will be good for the State.


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