Prefer a punt

I grew up on the Murray River, up at Renmark.
They were fantastic early years of my life.
Part of life (in all towns on the Murray) was the punt, that box shaped structure on pontoons that carried cars, trucks, animals and machinery (whatever) across the river to continue the journey along the road.
Now, sometime, in relatively recent times, the term punt was replaced with the term ferry.
Why the change? Why the need to replace the word punt?

I say scrap the ferry and bring back the punt.
It has a more romantic ring to it.
It just makes sense.

By the way, SA still has 14 punts operating.


  1. I have received a rather offensive comment from Phillup DeBin and I won't publish it.
    From the comment, I would label Phillup DeBin (an alias) as a sexual deviant.
    It's sad that such people hide behind supposed anonymity and send filthy comments.

    I regret having previously published border-line comments by this person.

    I say to Phillup DeBin:
    I know who you are.
    I tracked you by your IP address and other browser information.
    If you persist with sending crude messages then I will name you in a blog post and if you think that is not legally acceptable, then I will publish your IP address and suburb!
    BTW you are meant to be a community leader and not an online anonymous sexual deviant.
    Grow up!

  2. I also grew up in the Riverland.
    Punts were a way of life.
    Waiting for the punt and on the river crossing was a good time to catch-up with locals and their gossip.
    I guess that still happens on today's ferries.
    I agree that the name punt should have been retained.

  3. Society was (and still is) different in the Riverland.
    I put it down to the punts and enabling locals to interact.
    Keep the term punt.
    A ferry goes out to sea and doesn't have cables attached.

  4. Phillup sounds like a real nasty.
    Unfortunately there are people like him out there.
    Good on ya for taking him to task.
    Just name him.

  5. I also have fond memory of life in the Riverland and taking the punt daily for work and for footy training and matches. Shame about losing the name Punt. Yes, a ferry is a vessel that handles longer stretches of water.


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