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There's something that really annoys and I need to get it off my chest - and it is timely to do it now, whilst the Government remains in caretaker mode so as to not be seen to favouring or criticising any political party.

It annoys me when an elected Government appoints Ministers from the Upper House of Parliament. The Upper House was meant to be a House of Review, to vet the legislation of the Lower House free of political influence. That is meant to be its purpose. A party that wins the Lower House may be a bit stretched to have adequate talent to appoint Ministers, but that is no excuse for appointing Members of the Upper House. More often than not, it is for political expediency.

When voting, people do not deliberately vote above the line (or below if they have the time) for someone who might become a Minister. It is normal for voters to cast different party/candidate votes for the Lower and Upper Houses. People genuinely vote for the Upper House with the belief that it will be a House of Review. When the votes are tallied and a Government is formed it's back to party politics with an abuse of our expectations.

Should we abolish the Upper House like in Queensland? No way! I just want the Upper House (State and Federal) to be a genuine House of Review. It is encouraging to see more Independents gain seats in the Upper House.

I am hopeful that next week when we have a Government there will be no Ministers appointed from the Upper House.


  1. There is a bit of time for the incoming Government to reflect on this.
    I'm with you on this. Annoys me too.

  2. Hey, you hit one of my hot spots.
    Totally agree.
    The upper house should be a non political house of review.

  3. I agree. Ministers should only come from the Lower House.
    And we need 2 Houses.

  4. I feel,that there's normally enough talent available in the Lower House.
    Keep,the Upper House for review and fill it with independents.

  5. Really annoys me too.
    Both political parties do it.
    It's not right.

  6. It's wrong.
    How can a House of Review be true to name when it's stacked with political parties.
    They should all be Independents.
    I agree that Ministers should only be appointed from the Lower House.


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