Millswood Station to re-open

There should be an announcement this week about the re-opening of the Millswood Train Station.
That was a promise by the outgoing Labor Government.
I expect that commitment to be honoured.

It was interesting that during the recent election campaign the Liberal Party refused outright to re-open the station. I suspect it was due to the fact that it was a former Liberal Government that closed the station and they didn't want to change their mind. It was a very costly decision.

I believe that this stance by the Liberals cost them 100s of votes in the Ashford electorate.
If the Liberals had supported the re-opening of the station, then the result in Ashford would have been much closer. It takes a strong person (or party) to admit that they were wrong. The Liberals wouldn't change their mind. I hope that come the next election, the Liberals don't reverse Labor's re-opening of the station.


  1. I voted Labor simply to get the station open.

  2. The Liberals would not commit to re-opening the station so I voted Labor.
    I've been waiting years for this to happen.

  3. It simply came down to which party would re-open the station.
    I gave my vote to Labor.

  4. I supported Steph Key because she and the Premier promised to open the station.
    All of the locals were behind this campaign.

  5. It was a clear case of which party would open the station. The Liberals refused to listen and do anything. The Premier committed to it. I voted Labor.

  6. A fantastic outcome to be getting the station open.

  7. I'll be on the first train from Millswood.
    It's been a long wait.

  8. I will be there for the opening.
    I did vote Labor in Ashford to get the station open.

  9. I also voted for Steph Key in the hope that the station would be reopened.


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