Council Meeting 11 March 2014

Here are highlights of the Unley Council Meeting held on Tuesday 11 March 2014.

Local Traffic Management Plan (LATM) for Black Forest
  • Council approved this plan in a revised state.
  • Decisions on Byron Road and Canterbury Terrace will come before Council at a future date.
  • Importantly, work will commence soon on recommendations in the plan.
  • I disagreed strongly with the belief that after the election (next week) we will be immediately informed by the new Government of proposed changes to exit/entry to locals streets to/from South Road. I doubt that there will be any changes to access to/from South Road.
  • I suspect that the 2 major recommendations (for Canterbury and Byron) will take months to resolve.
Swimming Pool Inspection Policy
  • This will result in Council inspecting all new swimming pools and spas to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • A great outcome that will hopefully reduce toddler deaths in backyard pools. Any death is unacceptable!
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy
  • Ensures that Council has a policy in place to manage incidents of fraud and corruption; and importantly to prevent incidents.
Changes to the Elected Members Allowances and Benefits
  • This was basically a cosmetic change to ensure compliance with a legislative change
Caretaker policy Review
  • With Council elections later this year, it was timely to update this policy.
  • There was no significant change.
Review of the Environment Sustainability Plan
  • It was pleasing see how many projects have been completed.
Quarterly Performance Review (October - December 2013)
  • An excellent and easy to read report.
  • With new systems in place the generation of these reports will be quicker and easier.
Review of Confidentiality Orders
  • This a standard regular procedure to ensure that confidentiality does not remain in place unnecessarily.
Here's a link to the reports in  Unley Council Agenda, meeting held 11-Mar-2014