BIKe NEWS cheesy jokes

At the moment there is a frenzy of festival silliness and a drive to get more bums on bikes.
Some bike jokes have come my way via BIKe NEWS.

Have a laugh at these cheesy bike jokes ...

Joke 1

Q. Do you know what is the hardest part of learning to ride a bike?
A. The pavement.

Joke 2

Q: What do you get if you cross a bike and a flower? A: Bicycle petals!

Joke 3

Q: Why couldn't the bicycle stand up on its own?
A: It was two tired.

Joke 4 about a problem dog

"I've really had it with my dog," said the first guy to his neighbor.

"He'll chase anyone on a bicycle""Hmmm, that is a problem," said the neighbor.

"What are you thinking of doing about it?"

"Guess the only answer is to confiscate his bike!"

Joke 5 about a devout cyclist

A devout cyclist dies and goes to heaven.
Saint Peter meets him at the gate. Cyclist asks if there are bicycles in heaven. Peter says "Sure, let me show you," and leads the guy into the finest Velodrome you can imagine.
"This is great," the cyclist says. "You will love it here" says Peter. "You will be fitted a custom track bike, the mechanics will glue on fresh silks each night, and your personal masseuse is always available."
As they speak a blur flys by them on the boards riding a gold plated Cinelli and the cyclist says "Wow he was fast, that must be Eddy Merck!"
"No," says Peter, "that was God, he only thinks he's Eddy".


  1. Keep your day job Bob.
    Let the comedians do the jokes.


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