Bange @ Fringe

I was getting a bit tired of B grade comedy @ The Fringe.

Went to see She was Probably Not A Robot, described as Phenomenal one man wonder show. It was terrible! I gave it minus1 out of 10. I was staggered that many in the audience laughed, giggled and tittered at absolute piff! Maybe I’m just becoming more discerning (actually I always have been), but I believe that people are becoming more ignorant of what is good/poor/average/bad comedy.

Immediately after the above show I attended a show by Canadian Pat Burtscher @ Tuxedo Cat. He’s great, very casual and funny. During the show I raised the issue about our recent bad experience. Others in attendance also voiced concern about how the same show could get rave reviews and yet be so bad.

So, getting tired of the B graders, last night I ventured out to see More Bange for your buck performed by magician Christopher Bange @ Nexus Cabaret, Lion Arts Centre. Fantastic! A great act, but sad that only 8 were in the audience (and all had half price tickets).
Try to see it this week.