Backyard Pool Inspections

At the Unley Council meeting held (last night) on 11 March 2014, a key outcome was adoption of a policy governing mandatory inspections of new swimming pools and spas.

I gave this matter my full support. We should do everything we can to reduce the unacceptably high number of deaths of toddlers by drowning in backyard pools.

All new pools and spas will need to be fenced and have safety signs displayed.
It is mandatory for residents and builders to notify Council when a pool or spa has been built or installed.
This is a follow-on from the State Government revising the Development Regulations.

A statutory fee of $170 will be charged for an inspection.
This is set by the State Government and can’t be changed by Council.
The reality is that it will probably cost the Council more than the $170.

The bottom line is that it’s a good outcome and hopefully will reduce the number of drownings.

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