Mr. Grumpy

The Advertiser is promoting a special deal it has on buying the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of books, described as timeless classics. There are 14 in the series. Sure, they are a fun and innocent read for young children.
What is more fun is applying the titles to people you know eg. family members, work colleagues, fellow Councillors, ...

Some titles that I can quickly associate with people I know:

  • Mr. Grumpy (not in the series, but worthy of creation)
  • Little Miss Chatterbox
  • Mr. Cool
  • Mr. Brave
  • Little Miss Princess
  • Mr. Bump


  1. I remember these books when I was a girl.
    I've been buying them for my children.
    I've nicknamed my hubby as Mr Tickle.

  2. Looks like The Advertiser picked up on my suggestion.
    In today's paper that have assigned names to politicians.
    Of note:
    Steph Key is called Little Miss Helpful and
    David Pisoni is called Mr Strong

  3. These books are great for kids.
    They really are timeless and so innocent.

  4. My girl fried is Little Miss Special!


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