Millswood Train Station

A resident from Millswood has reported that on Friday, Premier Jay Weatherill accompanied by MP Steph Key visited the Millswod Train Station. He thanked residents for their fight to re-open the station. It's an election promise that the station will be opened in July for a one year trial. If enough people use it, then the station will be permanently open.

This a great outcome for the locals.

Now, we need the Liberal opposition to state that they will implement the same arrangement.
It needs to be remembered that the Liberals closed the station years ago.

Come on Terina Monteagle and Steven Marshall, it's time to make a Liberal statement.

We've fought hard to get the station open and we need both parties to support the wishes of the people.

It just makes sense!

Here's an update (Sunday 23 February)
Terina Monteagle emailed me to explain that the Millswood Station is not in her electorate.
It's in David Pisoni's (MP Liberal Unley) electorate.
I have emailed David to get the Liberal position ie. will the Liberals definitely re-open the station.
Sorry Terina.

Update on 26 February:
I sent an email to Steven Marshall asking him to state the Liberal position.
I will post any response here.
Meanwhile, view comment by Cr Mike Hudson via this link

Here's an update (03 March):
No response from any Liberal.
So I guess their position is that they will not re-open the Millswood Station.
The issue will (I am sure) influence the outcome in the electorate of Ashford.

I call upon the Liberals to match Labor in re-opening the station.
It doesn't need a huge expenditure to re-open the station for a trial over 12 months.


  1. It does make sense.
    Come on Liberals, state your position

  2. I would like to see both parties support the opening of the station.
    They promote public transport and close the station.
    Not forward thinkers.

  3. Have the Liberals provided a response yet?

    1. No, not yet.
      I'll post a comment when I hear.
      Why don't you also email David and ask for a firm commitment?

    2. Trevor @ MillswoodThursday, February 27, 2014

      any news yet from the Liberals?
      This issue will determine how I vote!

    3. Absolutely no news from the Liberals.
      It seems that they have no intention to re-open the station.

  4. I discussed this issue with David Pisoni today. Whilst he commented that he was not opposed to reopeming this station he cited lack of funding and need for a feasibility study as barriers to its re opening.

  5. I have climbed the fence and walked on the platform and it is in a (not good, but) reasonable state of repair - similar to Goodwood Station.
    I contend that it requires little (if any) work to get it ready for an opening in July.
    There is certainly no need to spend $400k.
    If it gets high patronage during the 12 months trial period, then it would be worthy of extra spending, especially to provide improved disability access.
    It just needs opening for a trial.
    The State Government, whoever gets power, must have a priority to get bums on seats on public transport.
    We need the commitment from Stephen Marshall of Yes/No now before the election.
    Mention of a feasibility study (after the election) does not give me much encouragement.


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