Loud Ding Dongs

A flier from Terina Monteagle (Liberal candidate for Ashford) was left in my letterbox.

One of the three promises rang bells and resonated for me.

To quote ...
We will lower warning bell noise at suburban rail crossings. Safety around our rail lines is paramount, but there needs to be a balance with residents' needs.

Well done Terina for getting the Liberals to support this initiative.

At night you can hear the ding dongs from a kilometre away.
It would be hell for residents living near the rail crossings.


  1. This is a sensible statement.
    I take it to be a firm commitment, an absolute will do by the Liberals.
    Every Ding Dong must have its volume cut.

  2. This is a Ding Dong can do gal

  3. I like the direct approach.
    It might be a small effort for some, but to us living near a crossing it will be a life saver.

  4. Met her on the street recently.
    She looks refreshing.


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