Fire bucket

Recently I visited Adamooka (600km north of Adelaide) to escape city life and to try my hand at noodling for opals. It's an interesting town - full of colourful characters.
Adamooka's water supply comes from Roxby Downs which desalinates water from a bore field in the Great Artesian Basin, 150km away.

I stayed in a local motel which was basic, but comfortable.
Trust me, anywhere out of the heat and flies is comfortable.
I noticed a local innovative manner of attending to a leaking 'garden' hose.
See the photo attached. Why make the effort to fix it.

Nearby, I noticed a local who appeared in the early evening - a lizard, in fact a Bearded Dragon.
What he likes is for a human to catch a grasshopper and feed him via tongs.
Tongs are optional, but the lizard can easily confuse fingers for grasshoppers.

See the photo attached.
The Bearded Dragon did get his grasshopper that night.
He also enjoyed a drink from a bowl in the shade.


  1. The place looks out of this world.
    Love the lizard.

  2. I haven't seen a fire bucket for years.
    Cool lizard.

  3. Must get up there one day.

  4. the lizard looks so tame

  5. Why don't they fix the leak in the hose?


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