Cycle & Pedestrian safety on Greenhill Road ... impacts on Joslin and Clark streets, Wayville

Last night the State Government Transport Department (DPTI) presented to Council their proposed Greenhill Road Median Re-design scheme.
Extending from Goodwood Road to Hutt Street, the median strip will be cut and re-designed to allow cyclists and pedestrians to safely cross Greenhill Road. There will be a large refuge in the centre of the road to accommodate many bikes and people. Nearby, there will be inset sections to allow cars to do U-turn (similar to those on Anzac Highway). There will be linkages to shared cycle/pedestrian paths through the parklands.
In the Wayville area, the median strip will be reconstructed at the intersections with Joslin Street and Clark Street.
The impact on the locals is that vehicles will no longer be able to turn right into these streets from Greenhill Road ... and vehicles won't be able exit Joslin and Clark and turn right onto Greenhill.
DPTI will consult with residents and seek feedback in the next 1–2 weeks.
The work will be complete by May 2014.


  1. It's about time. This is a marvelous initiative that will significantly improve safety.


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