City of Adelaide clipper unloaded

The City of Adelaide clipper ship is being unloaded today from the cargo ship MV Palanpur ... 'ferried' all the way from Scotland, back in hometown Adelaide at last.
Getting the clipper unloaded is proving to be quite a task.

The official word is "The City of Adelaide is now expected to be lifted onto the barge at 6am and then floated under the Diver Derrick Bridge some time in the afternoon".
The clipper will stay at Dock One in Port Adelaide for the next six to 12 months until a permanent site is found and prepared for it in the inner harbour.

In May there will be a major ceremonial event to mark the clipper's 150th anniversary.
Between 1864 and 1886 the clipper delivered 889 settlers to their new home in Adelaide, along with 1,000s of tonnes of cargo. SA goods were exported  to Britain on the clipper eg. wool and wine.
When settled in her new temporary home, the best place to view the clipper will be in Todd St, Port Adelaide or outside the former Colac Hotel in Wauwa Street.

What staggers me is that despite years of planning and sourcing of funds and arranging the logistics of transporting the hull of this once proud clipper that bears our city's name ... there was no effort made (or so it seems) to acquire and prepare an appropriate site to berth the ship. Proposals of where she shall rest will float around for the next few months.


  1. We were down there watching the unload.
    A moving event.


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