Adelaide to Seaford

At last - the trains will start rolling between Adelaide and Seaford.

Since restarting rail services, the trains have only been going as far as Noarlunga.

It has been long haul (of disruption) for those people living along the rail corridor.
With the progressive introduction of electric trains, the train noise will decrease - almost to a whisper when 100% electric.

The City to Seaford train service starts on Sunday 23 February.

Grab your surf board and beach gear and catch a train to the southern beaches!

There will be 10 trains running on the Seaford line:

  • 4 Electric
  • 6 Diesel
  • Each month a new electric train will be commissioned
  • It will be fully electric by September 2014

Here's a link for more information ...


  1. it will be great to take the train to Moana.
    Beats driving the freeway.

  2. I hear that the scenery between Seaford and Noarlunga is stunning.
    Worth a train ride to explore.

  3. Love the idea of catching the train to the beach at Seaford.

  4. I've just discovered that @ Seaford, it may be a bit of a hike to the beach.
    But make the trip and discover.

  5. We'll take our scooters and skate boards and scoot Dow to the beach.


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