New train station opens

The Adelaide Showground Station opened today.

It looks absolutely fantastic and will be a great service for the residents of Wayville and the visitors to the Showground. The development incorporates a pedestrian/cycle path under Anzac Highway.

Here is a release of information supplied by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) ...

The permanent Adelaide Showground Station has been opened - first train services will depart the station on Monday 17 February.

Located on the south-eastern corner of Anzac Highway and Greenhill Road, the state-of-the-art  station will service the Belair and Seaford passenger lines and provide a permanent service for events held at the Adelaide Showgrounds.

The station will offer year-round access to the showgrounds for the more than one million people who visit each year for events, exhibitions, concerts and university exams, and replaces the need to create a temporary station for each Adelaide Show.

It also improves connections and access for train users transferring between the Seaford (Noarlunga) and Belair lines and gives better access to Ashford Hospital and businesses on Anzac Highway.

It has been designed to meet the needs of bicycle users, pedestrians, families with prams and people in wheelchairs.

Patronage over the next 15 years is expected to increase to up to 880 passengers a day.

Features of the station include:

Canopied platforms servicing both the Belair and the Seaford (Noarlunga) lines. 

  • A new pedestrian footbridge over the rail lines and station platforms. 
  • A pedestrian/cycling underpass beneath Anzac Highway, connecting the station to the northern side of Keswick Bridge. 
  • Shared use paths, ramps and stairs connecting the pedestrian footbridge, Greenhill Road, Rose Terrace, Anzac Highway, and the CBD. 
  • A lift for easy access to the central station platforms from the pedestrian footbridge. 
  • Bicycle parking rails and bicycle enclosure located next to the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds.
  • The station, located within close proximity of the Keswick Army Barracks, also honours the State’s military history with displays at the western and eastern end of the pedestrian overpass.

The station forms part of a $110 million State and Federal government-funded upgrade of Goodwood Junction to separate the freight and Belair passenger lines from the Seaford (Noarlunga) line.


  1. This is the look for future railway stations.
    It's superb!
    A great entry statement to Wayville and the Showgrond.

  2. I live in Wayville and it is fantastic having the new station.
    I'll also be using the cycle path under Anzac Highway.


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