Unley’s visual pollution ❌

I was appalled to read that Unley Mayor Michael Hewitson voted at the Local Government Association AGM to continue to permit election corflutes on poles ('Is this the end for corflutes', The Messenger, 06Nov2019). He is out of touch with community sentiment that the plastic corflutes are visual pollution. At the recent Council election he had corflutes in most streets across Unley. It was a good outcome that the majority of other Councils voted to review restrictions. Commonsense by the majority of Councils did prevail.
Voting by Mayors at the Local Government AGM should truly represent the sentiments of the local communities and Councils; and not just vote by personal opinion. I wonder if Michael did consult Unley Council and the community. I suspect not.

Taste and smell

Here's a good read, all about taste and flavour, from the womb to old age and through sickness and medication. Explains a lot, especially about weird food desires.

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KWRoad paving mixed design

I went for a walk along King William Road. Not many people shopping; saw about 20 people. Perhaps Wednesday is a quiet day. But good to see some people making the effort. Joybird (the new chicken shop) was busy; compared with the rest of the street. The mottled white pavers are being laid on the footpath and a mix of black and white pavers are being laid on the up-ramp parking places. Each brick is being laid by hand so I can understand why the finishing touches are scheduled for February 2020; after a pause during Dec-Jan. The white footpaths will look good, but the same can't be said about the mix of black and white in the parking sections. There is no order to the pattern; in fact there is no pattern. It's almost like the workers are placing them where they like; like which brick comes first off the pallet. Then, moving south near the newsagent, the black and white mix is gone and it becomes a swirly brown brick which looks terrible. I would recommend that this section be re-la…

Goers on Unley

It was sheer agony last night listening to Peter Goers interview Unley Councillor Mike Hudson and Mayor Mike Hewitson about the road works on King William Road. Peter Goers from start to finish was hell bent on describing the road works as a disaster. The 2 Mikes did their best to survive the onslaught by Goers. Hudson did well and conceded that he shouldn't have supported the cost blow out project. Hewitson banged on about reusing the old road pavers (to fix our footpaths) and the issue of door mats to traders. Goers was just negative for the agonising 10-15 minutes.
My scores for the interview: Peter Goers, score -1/10 Mike Hudson, score 7/10 Mike Hewitson, score 3/10
ps there are some interviews you shouldn't do ๐Ÿ˜‰

Unley Life

I have a gripe about the delivery of Unley Council's quarterly magazine 'Unley Life'. It arrived rolled with a pile of junk mail. I very nearly threw the lot into the recycle bin, but thought I'd have a flick through ... maybe Stratco had a super bargain ๐Ÿ˜‰ Given this method of delivery those 40% of residents with 'no junk mail' signs would not get the 'Unley Life'. Add a high % of others who often just toss the junk mail into the bin. So probably ~ 30% of residents are receiving the magazine. At best, readership probably doesn't exceed 50%. Maybe it's time for Unley Council to cut the 4 issues per year to 2 issues and use the money saved to pay for reliable distribution and personalised delivery. That's my thought that I would like Unley Council to consider.
Oh BTW, a few days prior to accidentally getting the 'Unley Life', I also found the 'Mitcham Community News' amongst the junk mail in my letterbox. Proves my point about the un…

Autumn harvest ๐ŸŒถ

Before leaving for the UK, it was sad to see the mass of ripening quinces, olives, pomegranates and chillies in the home garden. Six weeks later, arriving home, it was a busy week picking and processing the fruit. Olives now in brine, chillies ๐ŸŒถ picked and 'sun' dried and chopped, pomegranates squeezed and juice in the freezer and quinces being slow cooked today.

Tip: a splash of pomegranate juice in a gin is superb ๐Ÿธ

Feast in Looe, Cornwall

Staying in Looe, Cornwall UK was definitely a highlight. One of our best destinations. Made more special because of our fantastic BnB hosts. Four great nights (and days). On the last night we enjoyed a home cooked feast. Our host is a well known celebrity chef in Cornwall. Early in the day we went to the fish market; starts at 4:30am. What a catch! So much choice. We headed home with 2 dozen scallops and 16 fillets of John Dory. A feast for 5 people. Simply cooked. The scallops in garlic butter and the fish pan fried in oil. Side dishes of boiled baby Cornish potatoes and a green salad. The wine was a fresh NZ Sauvignon Blanc (none of that European muck). A long and slow feast of local seafood ๐Ÿ  With little room left, we slowly managed pots of chocolate mousse with Cornish cream. A great way to finish our stay in Looe.
@ the best place to stay in Looe ๐Ÿ˜€