Re-Vote on Unley library hours

  There’s been a massive community outcry at Unley Council’s recent decision to cut the hours at the Unley and Goodwood libraries. There was no community consultation. The saving is $26k. This is roughly the amount that Council will spend on Christmas parties. One of the Councillors has put the matter back on the agenda for the meeting on Monday 13 December, 2021. Hopefully there will be a decision to remove the cut of library open hours. If you are a library user (and aren’t we all) then feel free to contact your local Councillor and ask that they vote against the cuts. For the record here is a list of Councillors who voted against the cuts: J. Boisvert, J. Dodd, D. Palmer, K. Anastassiadis and J. Bonham

Unley Council cuts libraries

  Just so sad to see Unley Council reducing the open hours at the Goodwood and Unley libraries. A cut of 7.5 hours per week. Council even decided to not consult the community! There has been much angst in the community about the cuts. All because the Council has out-spent its budget. According to statistics, the cut will impact 204 visits per week (10,608 per year). Here is an extract from the Council minutes of 08 Nov 2021. See how your local councillor voted on the proposal.   City of Unley Council  8 Nov 2021  ITEM 4.1 LIBRARY OPENING HOURS MOVED Councillor P. Hughes SECONDED Councillor M Rabbitt That: 1.   The report be received. 2. The proposed changes to opening hours for the Goodwood and Unley Libraries as set out on pages 18-19 of Item 4.1 (Council Meeting 8 November 2021) be endorsed. IN FAVOUR of the MOTION: Councillors P. Hughes, M. Rabbitt, M. Broniecki, S. Dewing, J. Russo and E. Wright AGAINST THE MOTION: Councillors J. Boisvert, J. Dodd, D.

Remembrance Day

 11/11 My little digger Teddy Lest we forget!

Dump Steven Marshall?

  This must be the worst year for misbehaviour of politicians in SA and across the country. It reinforces my belief that having more independents in our parliaments would be a healthy outcome; to reduce the in-party fighting and squabbles. Currently, it’s a real mess in SA. The Liberals are self destructing. Six to twelve months ago you would have thought that Steven Marshall would romp home in the next election in early 2022. Today he is limping and badly wounded. I would say that he has little chance of winning the next election. Given the chatter in the media, it’s highly likely that he will be removed as Premier within weeks. Then becomes the problem of a likeable replacement. Add competency to the criteria, and I can not see anyone to replace him. The Liberals (and the State) have a problem. That’s my thoughts. It will be interesting to see how the Government resolves its problem and moves forward. The only sure thing is that the in-fighting will continue.

Blue cheese & beer

 It’s just amazing what you can dig up 💩 2,700 years ago man (and woman) drank beer and ate blue cheese. Discovered by digging in ancient salt mines in the Austrian Alps.

St Andrews church

 On Sunday I visited St Andrews church in Strathalbyn. A glorious old church built in 1848. It's the oldest Presbyterian building in SA that is still functioning as a church; now Uniting. However, after 173 years it needs extensive renovations to restore its former glory. Being on the National Trust Register of Historic Places, it deserves restoration. I encourage you to consider a donation to help with the funding . It will take a huge funding effort to complete the works which will be done in stages. The church secretary can be contacted on 0403 270 506 or email It will be wonderful to see the church fully restored 💗

Red wine slows dementia

 For many many years I’ve been a participant in a research project to determine if red wine and dark chocolate really protect against dementia and cognitive decline? It was tough consuming all that dark chocolate and red wine 🍷 The good news is that dark chocolate and red wine do help reduce the onset of dementia. Here’s a link to the story …