Today’s SA vote count

 I just received an email from Premier Steven Marshall.

He was telling me about his Strong Plan and how to vote.

He’s cutting it a bit fine as today is voting day; besides like 10-15% of people I have already voted; a week ago.

The media and local commentators are predicting a landslide swing to Labor. And to cover their arses, their predictions are qualified by statements like ‘but the swing to Labor may be in the wrong seats’.

Then I heard the Liberal Spin Doctor Senator Simon Birmingham talking and interpreting what he said, even he is doubtful of the SA Liberals returning to Government.

My thoughts:

It is unlikely for the Liberals to form government in SA.

6 months ago I blogged that Steven Marshall should be replaced if the Liberals were to stand a chance of being re-elected. BTW I also said that Anthony Albanese should be replaced for Labor to have a chance of winning.

On the local front it is unlikely that Unley Councillor (from Fullarton Ward) and Liberal candidate Ms Jordan Dodd will beat Labor’s Jayne Stinson in Badcoe.

So Labor will retain Badcoe by an increased margin.

In Unley David Pisoni will retain the ultra safe Liberal seat, probably with a reduced margin.

I had suggested 6 months ago that the Liberals should have run Jordan Dodd in Unley to achieve a generational and gender change.

To wrap up the forecast of today’s SA voting:

Labor will form government by a whisker; it could be a long whisker or a short whisker.