Dump Steven Marshall?

 This must be the worst year for misbehaviour of politicians in SA and across the country. It reinforces my belief that having more independents in our parliaments would be a healthy outcome; to reduce the in-party fighting and squabbles.

Currently, it’s a real mess in SA.

The Liberals are self destructing.

Six to twelve months ago you would have thought that Steven Marshall would romp home in the next election in early 2022.

Today he is limping and badly wounded. I would say that he has little chance of winning the next election.

Given the chatter in the media, it’s highly likely that he will be removed as Premier within weeks. Then becomes the problem of a likeable replacement. Add competency to the criteria, and I can not see anyone to replace him.

The Liberals (and the State) have a problem.

That’s my thoughts.

It will be interesting to see how the Government resolves its problem and moves forward. The only sure thing is that the in-fighting will continue.