A snow job

 You have to laugh at some of the official weather forecasts 😂

Rain is forecast, but just sunshine or

Fine and sunny forecast, but it rains.

Do they ever look out the window before issuing weather forecasts 🤔

By my statistics, the weather forecast is 50% seriously wrong. 

Then it gets more silly 😜

Today it was reported that SA experienced the lowest temperature (in parts of the state) in 32 years. And to really exceed reality, it was reported that snow probably fell in parts of northern SA, but there was probably no one there to see it ie. it probably fell in the remote uninhabited regions 🤣

Yes silly, but we do need a laugh during COVID-19 lockdown 😷

If anyone did see snow today, then let me know and I will pass it on to the Bureau of Meteorology 👍