East Avenue road repair needed

 East Avenue

What has happened to East Avenue in Black Forest? 😡😡

The section between the train line and tram line is breaking down terribly.

It started breaking down 12 months ago.

Strange given that the road was resurfaced about 3 years ago.

Maybe it should have been rebuilt rather than just a fresh coat of bitumen. The same happened further down on Leah Street when a quick resurface had to be dug up and the road rebuilt; which should have been done in the first place.

Unley Council needs to review the engineering of such infrastructure works.

It’s blowing the budget to rebuild recently resurfaced roads.

And don’t get me started on the laying of new gas pipes along East Avenue, Canterbury Terrace, Byron Road and throughout streets in Black Forest.

Why do they dig trenches where the car wheels travel? Surely the trenches could have been placed away from the wheel line of cars. The resurfacing over the trenches is never a good job and results in a ‘lumpy’ ride for cars. It’s not Council’s fault, however it should follow up with the utility companies to ensure that the road works are compliance and have a level surface.

I’m annoyed 😡