Cherry Darlings Crossing

 Just what is Unley Council building on the road in front of Cherry Darlings Bakehouse, Forestville? No one in the community seems to know with many saying that they were not consulted. One councillor has said that it’s a zebra crossing (with flashing lights) from the tram station. I was also informed that consultation did happen a couple of years ago. Maybe that’s so, but no one seems to remember.

Yes, it’s needed, but on a sharp bend in the road! That’s madness. Total madness!

And 25m away at the intersection of East and Aroha Avenues, what is being constructed there? Looks like it will be a semi-roundabout.

Whilst I’m concerned about the safety aspects of what’s being built, my main gripe with Unley is the total lack of consultation with the community re these 2 local projects. Maybe residents on the southern side of the tram line were fully engaged and it’s just us locals on the northern side who were forgotten.

It’s not good enough Unley Council.

Keep us informed of what’s happening and what is proposed for our local area.

We could actually provide useful feedback.