Unley approves aged care high rise

Unley Council will tonight approve a high rise aged care facility in Everard Park.
This is despite spending ~ $20,000 on public consultation and then ignoring the wishes of the local residents. People are asking ‘why did they ask us when they are now ignoring us’.
At a committee meeting on 16 March 2020, there was a lacklustre debate on the matter. The motion to approve was moved by Cr Don Palmer and seconded by Cr Jennie Boisvert. The 2 councillors for the Goodwood area (Emma Wright and Nicole Sheehan) voted for the high rise.
The Mayor Michael Hewitson voted for the high rise. He liked the idea that there would be a few trees. He also praised the work of Council to get the matter resolved. And then he blamed the Planning Minister (in advance) if there there is any height increase.
A couple of other councillors spoke.
The sad thing is that much of the debate mentioned councillors’ nanas (grandmas) and elderly relatives who had spent time in aged care facilities and high rise was not a problem. And, many councillors forecast the possibility of a height rise (eg. to 5 or 6 storey) that might get approved by the Planning Minister. So the Planning Minister got a beating (and the blame) before the matter hit his desk for approval.
Only 2 councillors voted against the proposal. They were M. Hudson and K. Anastassiadis. 2 of the best councillors who actually listened to the community.
It was just so sad that the costly consultation was ignored by Unley Council.
The wishes of the residents were 100% ignored.

After that committee meeting the Mayor Michael Hewitson wandered into the gallery to talk to residents. God knows why he did that after voting for the high rise. The gallery exploded with expletives and quite frankly told him to F!&$off, repeatedly so that the message would sink in.

Tonight (23 March) the committee’s recommendation for approval of the high rise is debated at Council by the same members of the committee.
The voting will be the same. 10 vs. 2 for approval.

All up, it was the worst meeting at Unley Council that I have witnessed.
Just so sad how the community consultation was a sham and the responses of the residents ignored.
Just sad.