Sourdough pizza ❤️

Just how far will you travel for that perfect pizza; or whatever that takes your fancy?
I didn't go in search of the best pizza in the world; but I did find it in Earl's Court, London; at a restaurant called 'Franco Manca Sourdough Pizza'.
The sourdough pizzas are cooked in a wood fired oven at 500 degree C. That's hotter than the conventional method. It's all over in a flash and the pizza is cooked in 15-20 seconds.
The origin of using sourdough for pizza is Naples, Italy.
The Manca family brought the method from Naples and then created their Italian pizza joint in the Australian enclave of Earl's Court, London.

Anyway, it was the best pizza I had tasted; simple with a very thin layer of topping and a fantastic sourdough base.