Secret Unley meeting

According to Cr Mike Hudson's blog ...
tonight #Unley Council is meeting in secret (ie. behind closed doors) to discuss matters related to the 2019/2020 budget.

It just makes you wonder what will be discussed.
Why should the public be denied access to budget discussions?
Perhaps its to do with the actual cost and/or timeframe for the rebuild of King William Road (will it actually be ready for Christmas trade) or legal matters about rate cuts to developers to retain significant trees or rate rebates to encourage highrise development or the actual cost of installing 350 drink fountains across Unley ...
We can only guess and speculate; and never be told.

In my opinion, if it is worthy for discussion about the budget, then the matter should be open for the public. We need to know what is going on; what is being considered.

Besides, with these secret workshops, there can be no decision made (just 'guidance' given to the staff).