RAA sneezer

I was heading into the CBD by tram for lunch.
I like a bit of light reading on the tram, so I packed the latest copy of RAA's SA Motor magazine. Folded, it fits nicely into my small man bag.
I thought I would do the road rules tests; multiple scenarios to test your road skills.

Then I spotted an article by Charles Mountain, RAA's Road Safety Expert.
Charles was responding to a Dorothy Dixer question from a reader. The reader asked 'what should I do if I sneeze while I'm driving?'.
It's a question I'm sure that we often ask ourselves.
Anyway, Charles went into considerable detail about the danger of sneezing whilst we drive. We're told that we shut our eyes for about 3 seconds (during a sneeze) and at 60kph travel about 8 car lengths.
Charles says that ideally we should pull over if we feel a sneeze coming on; but he does concede that it is not always possible.
So, to be prepared for a sneeze, we are advised to keep a sensible distance behind the car in front.
All very sensible advice and then Charles says 'blow your nose before you begin driving to minimise the chance of sneezing while you're on the road'.

Charles, I applaud your advice, and the need for caution during an impending sneeze.
However, I reckon you dreamed up this Dorothy Dixer.
I would have to rank this question as a real doozy; worthy of an award.