Airport rip off

Went to Adelaide airport last night to collect someone from the UK.
What a money machine is the airport; in fact, all airports.
I checked out the shop next to the arrival gate.
1 litre of water in a plastic bottle cost $6.80.
A 550ml Pepsi cost $5.50.
What a rip off!
And we know that most 'spring' water sold is just filtered tap water.
A guy came along to buy a drink and I recommended to him that he should wait until he got home. My wife told me to not be such a Dad.
He ignored me and bought a Pepsi.

The bonus was that the parking only cost me $5 for exactly 30 minutes.
That was well planned.

We had parked for 10-15 minutes in that free park near the entrance and then driven into the $$$ car park later after the plane had landed. A popular temporary parking spot used by many; those in the know.