Unley Councillor found in gutter

Last night, in the early evening (@6:45pm) an Unley Councillor tripped on the footpath in Arthur Street and fell into the gutter. He was on the way home (at such an early hour?) from the Unley's TDU street party. He awoke in the gutter with many faces peering at him and people fussing about whilst awaiting the ambulance.
With flashing lights and and a siren, he was rushed to the RAH.
Fortunately he is ok, but very sore and bruised; and a severely bruised ego.
I have recommended rubbing Goanna Oil into the swollen arms and legs; twice a day.
Works a treat! I recommend it for most ailments.
This section of paving is not the best and it was on my to-do list to fix.
I am sure that given the fall of a councillor it will now be given prompt attention.
This footpath should probably be concreted (replacing the uneven brick paving) given the high volume of pedestrian traffic.