Citizenship ceremony @ Unley

Unley Council always hosts a great citizenship ceremony on Australia Day.

It's hugely popular and regulars come for the free food and drinks, a day out and to mingle with the new citizens. I know a couple of residents who go to every one, to enjoy the ceremony (and the food).
This year one of the speakers was Shaun Osborn, the Liberal candidate for the Federal seat of Adelaide. He delivered a speech of welcome to the new citizens. In Unley, Shaun was in his element; he knows that in Unley he will get a swag of votes in the upcoming Federal election. It's further north in his electorate where Labor votes increase where he needs to be more active and hopeful.
Anyway, the opportunity to speak at Unley will boost his confidence as he travels north.

Whatever their political persuasion, it is good to see and hear politicians and wannabees deliver an Australia Day speech. Some are woeful (and tired after delivering the same speech the year before); some are just average; and some are brilliant. Kate Ellis always delivered a good one! In the past I've scored many from zero to ten as I listened; and sometimes squirmed.

For the record, I have no political alliance.
Here's a pic of Shaun Orborn in action