Plastic corflute pollution

I led the war on waste at #Unley Council. I moved a motion to ban plastic straws at Council venues. I also moved a motion to investigate the best way to eliminate the use of plastic bottles of water at Council venues. I led this campaign and will continue to do so as #Mayor.

One of the mayoral candidates, Michael Hewitson, commended my stance on plastic straws. Recently he has become an anti-plastic convert at Council. Yet, he is putting up 100s of plastic corflute posters on stobie poles across the suburbs. Google research reveals that these corflutes will not be recycled and will go to landfill. So, I find it interesting that the Hewitson anti-plastic rhetoric does not match what he is doing by consuming so much plastic to display his face on stobie poles. His corflutes will take ~500 years to break-down.

In contrast, I am maintaining my pledge to not use plastic corflutes.
They are ugly and generate visual pollution.
People are smart enough to know who to vote for. A thinking person won’t be influenced by seeing 100s of corflute posters.
That’s my opinion.
Vote for the common sense candidate.
Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley
Don’t waste your vote!

Photo found on stobie pole. Cropped and digitally enhanced with red cross.
Written and authorised by bob schnell 10 Halmon avenue everard park 5035